What Were Going To Do & How Were Going To Do It ... (Im Only Gonna Say It Once):

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The ONLY call I Expect to Get is the One Asking Where and When. You Will: 1. Be Courteous Polite & Respectful. I Love My Job and My Wonderful Clients. I Show This By Being Discreet Classy and Honest. 2. Be Clean Well Groomed and Hygienically Sound. I Will be Fresh Smooth and Appropriately Sexy in Attire. 3. Have Ready (Upon Request) Payment in Full in the Amount of $100 per hh; Plus a Small Gratuity ($20-$60) ensuring your place as a Client I Wish to Please Again..and for You:Another Memorable Experience Next Session! I Will be Unrushed Throughout Our Time Together with Phone Turned OFFMy Attention 100% on YOU. 4. Not Ask for Deals or Discounts for Same Services As I Wont Raise My Price On You for Similar Service Provided. 5. Know that the Information Provided is All I Will Give Away Until We Meet. Part of the Fun of This Gig is Meeting a Sexy Mystery Person Not Seeing Photoshop Pics & Spoiling Your Appetite. I Will NOT Lie About My Appearance or Let You Down. I\m Every bit as Delicious as I Sound @ 5\5 Long Blond Hair & Bright Blue Eyes @ 125 lbs. 34B-27-32 6. Be Ready to Book A Time for Our Session when You Call. 7. Be 100% Satisfied with the Multitude of Services that I Provide. D@tÂ¥ 🅱🅱🅱j ♋ 8. Over Age of 30. I Wont Be. 9. Give Me a Half Hour Notice prior to Our SessionI Will Be Timely Within 20 mins of Our Agreed Time 10. Call Me at escort-ad-4742 • phone flagged • why? to book your session -Amy xoxo

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